PAC Spotlight

Throughout the year, current and previous students and guest artists are recognized for their contributions to the PAC through an article in the News-Enterprise, media interviews, and a “Monthly Marquee” segment on HCECTV. Those who are selected serve as ambassadors promoting the need for quality performing arts in Hardin County.

September 2022
shines on

Ethan Grose
HCS Online Academy

Ethan Grose
HCS Online Learning Academy

Joseph Mattingly

Professional Actor



August 2022 – Mariah Creason Lawson, Nelson County High School Instructor

August 2022 – Bethany Gocking, Elizabethtown Hardin High School

July 2022 – Sally Polin, Central Hardin High School

July, 2022 – Betty Marsee, Youth Theatre of Hardin County

May 2022 – Trey “T.J.” Goodman, John Hardin High School

May 2022 – Carol Zagar, Performing Artist

April, 2022 – Glen Rice, Performing Artist

April 2022 – Yemi Abigail Taylor, T. K. Stone Middle School

March 2022 – Anaya Ellis, North Hardin High School

February 2022 – Grace Peet, CHHS Instructional Assistant

February 2022 – Brian Reneau, North Hardin High Scool

January 2022 – David Hussey, Professional Actor

January 2022 – Colton Smith, East Hardin Middle School


December 2021 – Gracie Skaggs, Central Hardin High School & her dad, Mike Skaggs

November 2021 – Emma Comstock, North Hardin High School

November 2021 – Dale Brannon, Allegro Dance Theatre

October 2021 – Savannah Weber, Central Hardin High School

October 2021 – Fernando Velasco, Champions of Magic

September 2021 – Brayden Hall, John Hardin High School

September 2021 – Tracy Arflin, Bluegrass Middle School Teacher

August 2021 – Abigail Liles, Stuart Pepper Middle School

August 2021 – Sadik, Ibn-Mohammed, Performer

July 2021 – Paige Johnson, Theatre Professional

July 2021 – Kiris Ray, Central Hardin High School

May 2021 – Katelyn Edwards, North Hardin High School

April 2021 – Shane Yates (Flashback) & Skylar Yates, Vine Grove Elementary School

March 2021 – Zander Mack, North Hardin High School