All COVID restrictions have been lifted though the wearing of masks is still encouraged for those at risk. CLICK HERE for more detailed guidance.

HCS PAC – Updated Plans for COVID Management
Effective 2/17/22 3:30PM

Masks and Physical Distancing are now optional, with some exceptions for Participants (see below). Masks and Physical Distancing may be required at the discretion of the User Group in residence at that time.
User Groups (any artist, school, or renter using the facility) must still utilize Screening and Testing protocols for Participants (cast and crew) and alert the PAC to any positive outbreaks.

Recommended Participant Screening and Testing Protocols:

  • Unvaccinated Participants should rehearse and perform Masked and exercise Physical Distancing unless hazardous to do so.
  • Fully Vaccinated Participants may rehearse and perform Unmasked and without Physical Distancing.
  • Any Participant who is exposed should be tested even if asymptomatic.
  • Any Participant who tests positive must isolate at home for 5 days and return only once fever-free/symptom-free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication. Upon return, the Participant must mask an additional 5 days while rehearsing or performing.

PPE will remain available upon request, for the foreseeable future and all high touch areas will continue to be cleaned regularly, intentionally, and thoroughly.

The PAC’s COVID protocol standards comply with Hardin County Schools Board of Education and any Governor/State guidelines in combination with Kentucky High School Athletics Association (KHSAA) protocols.

The Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center honors the diversity of cultures and experiences that enrich our world through the performing arts and nurtures local performing artists.

We continually seek growth opportunities and work diligently to serve all our stakeholders in richly diverse ways.

We believe the PAC plays a leading role in creating culture, promoting artistic excellence, and encouraging empathy for others. Therefore, we pledge that equity, diversity, and inclusion will continue to serve as high priorities in our future artistic work, educational programs, and casting and hiring practices.

We will continue to cultivate our relationships with artists, community leaders, educators, and families who come from extremely diverse backgrounds to learn how we can better serve all of our community.

Because all the world’s a stage, the performances and activities that take place on the PAC stage will continue to reflect what we believe in, what we wish for, and what we can achieve. Let’s come together to sing, dance, and above all else – to ACT!

There are no refunds for PAC events, but your unused tickets may be redeemed for a PAC Gift Certificate of equal value to be put toward a future ticket purchase or exchanged for tickets to another PAC event. For refunds for any other events at the PAC stage, you will need to contact that user group directly to learn of their refund policy.

Though Hardin County School organizations use the PAC free of charge, all potential users must submit a rental application: http://thepac.net/facility/.  The PAC staff then reviews this application, and upon approval, send the renter a contract. The renter must then return the contract along with payment in full as a deposit and proof of insurance to secure their dates. The process is the same for school organizations, but a deposit and proof of insurance are not required.

The entire JHHS/PAC building cost 32 million to build back in 2001. Of that cost, it is estimated that the PAC cost approximately 6 million, which is considerably less than it would’ve cost to build such a facility if it were a “stand-alone” structure separate from John Hardin High School.

The thing that separates theatre from all other media is that theatre is LIVE. In theatre, the audience’s participation is essential, mandatory even. By taking action out into the audience, patrons are encouraged to participate in a production actively. Doing so brings a theatrical production to life as opposed staring passively at a framed image, be it television, computer monitors, movie screens, or cell phones. The staging of action in the audience (often referred to as “breaking the fourth wall”) is an increasingly popular choice of stage directors.

HCECTV records many events that happen on the PAC stage. You can contact them about purchasing a DVD at 270.769.8855 or http://www.hardin.k12.ky.us/tvp/index.htm. For information on DVDs of events not recorded by HCECTV, please contact the group performing that event. Please be aware that the copyright holders of many productions at the PAC restrict the use of recording devices due to stringent copyright infringement laws. When in doubt, please talk to a PAC staff member at the performance in question.

Although many organizations that make use of the PAC offer lessons, the PAC itself does not other than the occasional workshops through visiting artists.  As this is an often asked question, we have devoted a whole webpage to area arts resources that may be able to assist you: http://thepac.net/additional-arts-resources/

The PAC staff includes the director, two front office staff, a technical director, and a custodian and a corps of over two dozen volunteer students and adults that assist with everything from building sets to ushering to stuffing envelopes. Even so, the upkeep of the facility can be daunting at times since the PAC is a year-round facility.  In general, it takes roughly 12 hours to clean up after one event and prepare for the next.

JHHS and the PAC are two separate entities that just happen to share the same roof. The revenue produced by the PAC is channeled back into PAC programming and facility improvements and repairs that help us better serve the students and community that utilizes the facility.

The PAC is located inside JHHS because it is centrally located.  Because of this, there is often the misconception that the PAC serves JHHS students primarily. In actuality, JHHS makes up a small fraction of the 30,000 students served by the PAC over a nine-county region.  To support the use of the PAC by ALL Hardin County schools, the PAC created “Arts For All” — a travel subsidy program used by all other schools in the district to make use of the PAC.

The PAC complements student learning and participation in performing arts and provides quality performing arts experiences for the community at large. In addition to our season of PAC produced programming, the PAC is available for use by any HCS organization free of charge and available for rental to others in the community.

The PAC is a year-round facility averaging 250 days of use annually.

Rows identified by a single letter (A) are on the orchestra level (downstairs).

Rows identified by a double letter (AA) are on the balcony level (upstairs).  Balcony seating may not be available for all events.

Rows identified by a triple letter (AAA) are at the very front of the stage and are only available for specific events.

All PAC produced season events offer reserved seating only.

Limited wheelchair and adjoining companion seating are available on the orchestra level and in the balcony with access via elevator. Contact the PAC office to reserve this seating.  Early arrival is highly recommended.