The PAC’s COVID-19 Response

Getting the PAC open safely and staying open is going to take the combined efforts of our Hardin County School groups, renters, and audiences. For us to make performances possible, please review and apply the information below and in the Guide to Reopening

Three Pandemic Principles for Performing at the PAC (pending HCS approval):

  1. The pandemic must be under control locally as determined by the Hardin County Schools Board of Education in collaboration with the Lincoln Trail Health Department.
  2. Audition, rehearsal, performance, and audience procedures must be adapted to reduce exposure risk. See the attached PAC COVID Guide to Re-opening and Checklist for “best practice” protocols.
  3. All exposure controlling efforts must be collaborative with all involved parties with collective buy-in, routine re-evaluation, and effort improvement as warranted. Your input is essential to the success or our re-opening efforts.

In addition, the PAC is implementing several other operational changes at this time:

  1. Rehearsals: The PAC is available for rehearsals but under very restrictive conditions.
  2. Performances: The PAC is available for performances but under very restrictive conditions.
  3. Hybrid Events: The PAC can help you devise events combining small live performances for small audiences with larger virtual performances that can then be made available On-Demand to larger audiences.
  4. Ticketing:
    • The PAC will handle ticketing for all Hardin County School events.
    • The PAC would prefer to handle ticketing for all Rentals.
    • Ticket prices TBD by User Groups.  User Groups may choose to pass ticket fees on to their patrons or have them added to their final invoice.
    • The use of outside ticketing software is no longer permitted.
  5. Backstage Area Re-assignments (with some flexibility):
    • The Production Office is now the Participant COVID Isolation Room.
    • The Rehearsal Studio is now the Green Room.
    • The Green Room is now the Costume Shop.
  6. Overtime Reduction:
    • Hardin County School groups must limit occupancy to 6.5 hours per day and 5 days per week.
    • Renters will be charged an added $55 per/hour above the hourly rate when 6.5 hours per day or 5 days per week is exceeded.
  7. The PAC is waiving previously announced rental rate increases and maintenance fees until the next fiscal year.

Above all, we are dedicated to helping you navigate any efforts involved in getting you back to the PAC soon.


Bart Lovins, Director