Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes?

Become a PAC volunteer and find out! PAC volunteers work as ushers, build sets and work in the administrative offices, performing tasks necessary to PAC’s continuing operation. As a PAC volunteer you will bask in our gratitude and praise, and get to see the shows for FREE!

Please watch the video below on how to apply to be a volunteer with the Hardin County School district.  This is required in order to become a PAC volunteer.

Volunteer Step-1

Apply to be a volunteer, just as you would apply for a job with Hardin County Schools. Creating a username and password will begin the process of submitting a background check. When you have created an account, use the search bar to search for VOLUNTEER. Fill out the online form and submit. This is a requirement for all school volunteers in Kentucky. Please call 270‐769‐8837 x5 with questions.

Volunteer Step-2

Fill out the PAC Volunteer Form. This form helps us know your talents and availability. Please call 270‐769‐8837 x5 with questions.

Volunteer Step-3

Once your paperwork has been filed, you will be contacted by PAC staff.