The PAC Gallery is a slender hallway inside the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center leading from the Auditorium to the Commons Area. It is available for local and regional artists, school groups, and arts organizations upon request for temporary art exhibitions open for viewing to PAC patrons during scheduled events.

All art should be exhibition ready upon delivery.

Please contact PAC Director Bart Lovins with any questions about exhibit proposals, available dates, or other considerations.


Third-Party Event: Stargazer Arts Events presents
Gardens – Art Installation
September 14-24, 2023

Theme: Nature’s Beauty
The Secret Garden explores themes of grief, renewal, magic, and the healing power of love in a coming-of-age story centered around a young girl’s determination to bring an abandoned garden back to life. Artists may interpret these themes through various visual mediums and can choose to depict them literally or metaphorically.

“We want to celebrate the diversity of artists within our community – amateurs and professionals alike – and embrace life-long art education and the discovery that something beautiful can come from anyone, regardless of age or training.”
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