Nostalgia and New Beginnings:
The PAC’s End-of-Summer Postcard Promotion!

Back before social media, we all shared our exciting summer plans by sending postcards to loved ones. These postcards often found their way onto refrigerator doors, allowing family members to vicariously share in the joy and anticipation from home. This tradition of sharing personal updates is echoed in the Hardin County School’s upcoming end-of-summer postcard promotion, marking a significant shift in how we share information about our new season of events.

This year, instead of a traditional brochure, all of you on our mailing list will receive a colorful postcard reminder that, in addition to listing all our season events, will serve as a call to action to start purchasing tickets and planning your visits. For the rest of the community, a variety of postcards will be distributed throughout the area throughout the season, each one highlighting a specific show designed to create anticipation and captivate interest.

We are also planning an informational brochure to warmly welcome families new to our area as part of our dedication to the community. The brochure will contain valuable information about our events. Still, more importantly, it will highlight how we support the public and contribute to the community as a whole to help ensure that every new family feels valued and included in our community.

By blending the nostalgic charm of postcards with modern promotional strategies, we are not just sharing information; we are creating a buzz of anticipation and community engagement around our events.

So keep an eye out for our postcards in the mail and around town this August, stick them to your fridge, and join us for another unforgettable season at the PAC!

Video Links

The links below provide a video version of this month’s blog and a link to HCECTV’s The Monthly Marquee, an interview program hosted by Bart focused on performing arts activities in our region.

Audience Survey Winners

Congratulations to Marsha Bull, Clara Cook, Renee Kennedy, and Ron Masoni, each the lucky winner of a $20 PAC gift certificate for completing an audience survey the during the 2023-2024 Season, and thank you for helping us learn how to serve our audiences better!

Audience Survey

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PAC Spotlight

This month, The PAC spotlight shines on WQXE personality Jeff Curtis and his daughter Madeline Curtis, who recently graduated from EIS and will attend Ithaca in the fall.

What have been your most rewarding PAC experiences?
JEFF: Acting in Young Frankenstein, Peter and the Starcatcher, and writing the music for The Hobbit and The Skin of Our Teeth.
MADELINE: My most rewarding PAC experience has been doing Youth Theatre for the last six years, growing up around wonderful directors and actors, and participating in such full-scale productions.

And why?
MADELINE: I have learned perseverance from working on a character for auditions and then working on whatever role I get until it is fully my own.
JEFF: I’ve learned so much. I’m a better actor because of the great actors I’ve worked with and a better director because I’ve worked with Bart and Aaron.
MADELINE: I’ve learned how to be confident by having to make my own strong choices.

How have you benefited from the PAC?
JEFF: I have found a creative home both on stage and off. Nothing is more rewarding than working with people you respect and trust to create something magical and entertaining that will never exist in that form ever again.
MADELINE: The PAC has given me the most amazing space to express myself, form close friendships, and learn everything I can about theatre from professionals and amateurs alike.

Why is the PAC important to you?
JEFF: When I first moved to Elizabethtown, I didn’t know anyone and had no community other than my wife and daughter. Once I was cast in Les Miserables, that changed. I have so many friends and connections throughout the community because of my involvement at the PAC.
MADELINE: The PAC has felt like my second home since I was a kid because I’ve spent so much time at rehearsals and performing here. In addition, I’ve gotten to know some of the people who work here and those who perform here, and it is such a dedicated and welcoming community, one which I can rely on.
Why should the PAC be important to others?
MADELINE: Our community is so lucky to have a theatre as nice as the PAC because it allows students and adults to do professional-level productions that many places cannot do.
JEFF: Most communities the size of Elizabethtown don’t have the professional theater facilities the PAC provides. Because we have it here, we can produce professional quality theater.
MADELINE: Beyond that, many performances occur here that community members can come and see to enjoy the performing arts live.
JEFF: It’s a great facility for schools, dance and music groups, and groups like Kentucky Shakespeare. Plus, it builds community among everyone who crosses its stage.

Catch Jeff on WQXE weekdays from 3-6pm and Sunday from 6-10am, and catch Madeline in Matilda this month at the PAC!