IN REVIEW 2023-2024

IN REVIEW 2023-2024


Total Served YEAR TO DATE = 16,154:
3,180 HCS Students, 1,293 Non-HCS Students, 413 Adults, and 11,268 Audience Members.

Total Served in January= 1,775:
85 HCS Students, 40 Non-HCS Students,163 Adults, and 1,487 Audience Members.

  • On January 19th-January 21st The PAC presented 3 ProAM Classic Performances of CLUE to a total public audience of 1,165
  • On January 23rd The PAC held it’s KY Shakespeare Page To Stage Writer’s Workshop which included 2 HCS student participants, 3 adult participants and 1 instructor
  • On January 30th The PAC hosted Studio One Eleven’s Winter Fairy Tale Recital which included  55 area youth performers to a public audience of 322


Total Served YEAR TO DATE = 14,379:
3,095 HCS Students, 1,253 Non-HCS Students, 250 Adults, and 9,781 Audience Members.

Total Served in December= 5035:
545 HCS Students, 268 Non-HCS Students, 93 Adults, and 4,632 Audience Members.

  • December 2nd The Heart of Ky Choir held a Concert to a total audience of 573
  • December 3rd Glen Rice Family and Friends Presented The “Remembering Christmas though the Years” Concert to a public audience of 343
  • December 4th The North Hardin Band held a concert to an audience of 498
  • December 5th The John Hardin Choir Concert presented to an audience of 165
  • December 6th was the St James Christmas Musical with a total audience of 469
  • December 7th Heartland Winds held a concert for an audience of 287
  • December 10th was The Center Stage Christmas Gala for an audience of 514
  • December 15-17 was the PAC Season Event of Nutcracker. Over 3 days, The Nutcracker had 5 performances with a total student audience of 558 and total public audience of 1,783
  • The Winter’s Waltz Gallery Art Exhibit was also held in conjunction with the performances of The Nutcracker


Total Served YEAR TO DATE = 8,849:
2,549 HCS Students, 995 Non-HCS Students,147 Adults, and 5,158 Audience Members.

Total Served in November= 5035:
2,359 HCS Students, 818 Non-HCS Students, 97 Adults, and 2,236 Audience Members.

  • On November 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, the PAC held North Hardin High School’s Willy Wonka, Jr. before a public audience of 508 and a student audience of 1072, a total of 2010.
  • On November 15th, the PAC held John Hardin High School’s Overdose Simulation Event before a student audience of 808.
  • On November 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st, the PAC held Allegro Dance Center’s Cinderella before a public audience of 508 and a student audience of 919, a total of 1427.
  • On November 28th, the PAC held Lawson’s School of Music’s A Christmas Journey before a public audience of 301.
  • On November 30th, the PAC held West Hardin Middle School’s Band Concert before a public audience of 489.


Total Served YEAR TO DATE = 5,489:
1,163 HCS Students, 542 Non-HCS Students, 862 Adults, and 2,922 Audience Members.

Total Served in OCTOBER = 1,370:
456 HCS Students, 20 Non-HCS Students, 31 Adults, and 863 Audience Members.

  • On October 18th, the PAC held Central Kentucky Community Foundation’s “Never Again: One Holocaust Survivor’s Story” before a public audience 247.
  • On October 20th, the PAC presented ANIMANIACS IN CONCERT before a student audience of 337 and an adult audience of 231, a total of 478.
  • On October 23rd, the PAC held John Hardin High School’s Fine Arts Event before a public audience of 217.
  • On October 27th and 28th, the PAC held Central Hardin High School’s DECISION HEIGHTS before a public audience of 168 and a student audience of 119, a total of 278.


On September 15 – 17 and 22-24, the PAC in partnership with Abound Credit Union presented 6 performances of its fall ProAm musical THE SECRET GARDEN before a student audience of 269 and public audiences totaling 1,620.

Total Served in SEPTEMBER:  541 HCS students, 526 Non-HCS students, 851 Adults, and  1620 Audience Members.

Total Served YEAR TO DATE: 605 HCS students, 526 Non-HCS students, 862 Adults, and  2059 Audience Members.


The PAC was in production for the PAC Fall ProAm musical  THE SECRET GARDEN during the month of August. Beginning in September, the production goes into tech week in prep for performances the weekend of Sept 15 – 17 & 22- 24.

On August 7, the John Hardin High School “Back to School Bash” Freshman orientation was held with Ms. Kim Case and Principal Mark Wells sharing important information with an audience of 439 freshmen and family members.

On August 23, 9 PAC volunteers – Jerry Cormier, Betty Kirby, Olivia Kizinkiewicz,  Hazel Lowther, Joe Repoley, Deirdre Shockley, Cindy VanAusdall, Lorraine Walker, & Sharon Wiesner spent 6 hours placing address labels on over 12,000 new season brochures for post bulk mailing. All patrons who have shared an address with the PAC should have received their brochure in the mail the weekend of August 25 – 27. If you didn’t receive one, contact the PAC office at 270-769-8837 X 4 or 5. TICKETS FOR ALL PAC SEASON EVENTS ARE ON SALE NOW!

Total Served in AUGUST and Year To Date:  11 Adults, and  439 Audience Members.

JULY 2023

On July 1, a Celebration of Life for Patty Lirot was held before an audience of 205.

On July 14-16 and 21-23, 49 area youth with Youth Theatre of Hardin County presented 7 performances of OKLAHOMA before audiences totaling 1,764.

Total Served in JULY 1,446 HCS Students, 373 Non-HCS Students, 69 Adults, and  1,969 Audience Members.

Total Served Year to Date: 16,921 HCS Students, 5,324 Non-HCS Students, 5,454 Adults, 24,314 Public Audience Members, 114 LiveStreamed to 17 states and 2 countries.