Following Governor Beshear’s suggestion, the PAC has gone green to honor those Kentuckians who have lost their lives due to COVID 19.

The backstage is starting to look like a REAL backstage area!  As the COVID 19 health crisis closed down schools and forced the PAC to go DARK, an opportunity to utilize the help of idled Hardin County School bus drivers materialized. Having this extra manpower enabled the PAC to get a fresh coat of paint on the backstage walls. This is something we have talked about doing for many years and only with this unexpected “down time” and the help of our fellow HCS employees were we able to complete the task!


All events scheduled in MAY at the PAC have been cancelled or postponed. 

May 21, Hardin County Schools Board of Education Meeting ***Please note: If social distancing rules for the COVID-19 Pandemic are still in place, the meeting will be held virtually rather than at the PAC.

The three area dance studios, Dance Centre of Elizabethtown, Allegro Dance Theatre and Centre Stage Dance Studio, who hold recitals at the PAC in May have cancelled their events with the hope of rescheduling if possible as soon as gathering restrictions due COVID 19 are lifted.