Many of you have been asking when the PAC will open back up for public use.  As much as we would like that to be sooner rather than later, we face the unfortunate reality that it may be some time before we can return to business as usual.

What is the PAC currently doing?
While closed to the public, the PAC will continue:

  • Cleaning and repairing the facility and equipment with needed renovation plans underway.
  • Planning for next season including investigating the possibility of streaming live events
  • Helping schools and renters determine their best performance options.
  • Developing new PAC To Go offerings to connect virtually with our community.
  • Taking advantage of online box office and technical theatre training opportunities.

When will the PAC re-open?
To ensure the health of participants, audiences, volunteers, and staff, the PAC is implementing new Operating and Scheduling Procedures under national, state, and HCS recommendations:

Operating Procedures:

  • The PAC will limit the time schools and renters schedule in the space to facilitate the rescheduling of postponed events and thorough cleaning of the facility.
  • The PAC will close for public use for 12 hours between each day of public activity to thoroughly clean the facility.
  • The PAC will disinfect door handles and surfaces throughout each day of public activity.
  • The PAC staff and volunteers will wear protective masks and gloves when working with the public.
  • The PAC will work with schools and renters to live stream as many events as possible (copyright laws permitting) due to potential capacity restrictions.
  • Participant and Audience restrictions may include having temperatures checked before entering the facility (anyone with a temperature of 99.6 or higher would not be admitted).

Scheduling Procedures – 2 consecutive weeks of downward COVID-19 trends must proceed each phase:

  • Phase 1: We remain closed to the public.
  • Phase 2: We can serve up to 50 participants and 62 audience members per day.
  • Phase 3: We can serve up to 100 participants and 125 audience members per day.

A further 2-week downward trend will return us to normal services of serving up to 200 participants and 750 audience members per day.

So, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But there’s still a lot of road to travel before we get there.

Sorry, due to the quarantine, I was unable to secure a student for this month’s PAC Kid Spotlight.  I hope to have better luck doing so next month. Learn more about the PAC Kid Spotlight, and all the students we’ve recognized over the years.

Congratulations to our Facebook Premiere Viewing Party trivia winners Grace Peet, Kenzie Blair and Jared Eaton who won signed copies of my adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes novels A Study in Scarlet and the soon to be published The Sign of Four, 221B keychains and tickets to next season’s production of The Hound of the Baskervilles.