Definitely not the PAC’s usual schedule for JULY as all events have been canceled or postponed due to COVID 19 but we certainly are keeping busy…

Director Bart Lovins will continue his work on deciphering guidelines for a reopening of the PAC and will be working with PAC & HCS maintenance staff to install lobby monitors and COVID 19 compliance signage.

Tech Director Aaron Taylor will be focusing on painting the proscenium, touch up work, and getting the PAC back in performance order.

Office Manager Justin Hornback will continue to document and share various projects that are happening at the PAC through our social media accounts and attend online training through our ticketing system. He will also continue to explore options for Live Streaming of PAC events.

PAC Custodian Ron Hartley continues to clean and wax all areas of the PAC, investigating new disinfectants as well as assisting Aaron and Bart with their tasks.

PAC Secretary Diane Hafer will be actively researching funding opportunities for the PAC, streamlining/updating usage and contractual systems, updating volunteer training policies to fall in line with COVID 19 guidelines as well as keeping in touch with patrons, user groups and volunteers.

Good news to report: The PAC’s request to be included in the Kentucky Arts Council’s 2020 – 2022 TranspARTation Directory has been accepted!

We all enjoy something new and shiny and thought you might enjoy seeing the freshly waxed floors of the dressing room and green room.  So we present to you a happy visual.