I seldom get the chance to play the same role twice. But, the last week of September, I do.

I will approach my part steeped in what I learned the first time around, and if I’m lucky, what life has taught me in the intervening years. The main difference this time around is casting. Although I’m repeating my role, I’ve been cast opposite someone new to hers. We’ve been rehearsing for quite a while now, and truth be told, she knows my lines better than I do.

Opening night is upon us for what we both hope will be a very long run. Our dialogue on stage that night will be brief, but it’s heartfelt, and its meaning deeper than any sonnet. Just two words apiece said in repetition.

I do.


Congratulations to CARMEL BOWMAN, JULIUS DAVIS, BECKY BRECHT, SHERRY CLEMONS, PAULA CHITWOOD, MARSHA LOGSDON, TANISHA HAZEL, KAREN BENHAM, JOYCE BANGSTON & CAROL HATFIELD – each a lucky winner of a $20 PAC gift certificate for completing a September Audience Survey.

Savannah Weber as Wednesday in YTHC’s “The Addam’s Family.”


This month The PAC Spotlight shines on Savannah Weber of Central Hardin High School and Fernando Velasco of Champions of Magic.

Savannah, a two-time overall winner at the Kentucky State Fair Talent Contest, unsurprisingly plans to pursue a career in the performing arts and touts what she learned over the years at the PAC.

“I have benefited in so many ways, thanks to the PAC. I have obtained many skills that will look good on any sort of resume, such as working with power tools while building sets or working sound systems and spotlights.”

Champions of Magic’s Fernando Velasco

While Fernando, though visiting the PAC for the first time, is no stranger to our state and is eager to get reacquainted with old friends in the area.

“Yeah, I’ve got some friends in Bardstown, and I just really love spending time in Kentucky!”

Be sure to catch Savannah Weber on stage this month in CHHS’s The Orphan Train and Fernando Velasco in Champions of Magic on November 3rd both at the PAC.