john-f-kennedy-jfk-quotes-4Autumn is about change. Leaves are turning colors. A national election is a week away. My home is getting renovated. The stage is being reset every week (sometimes twice a week or more) as new events begin to crowd our calendar. Change is inevitable. Change brings opportunity. As much we may want to stick to the tried and true, change will happen with or without us doing a thing. So, in order to grow, in order to progress, we must embrace change for it is the catalyst that makes living a full life possible.

Reflecting upon this year’s Humana Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville Artistic director, Les Waters, suggested to American Theatre Magazine that he felt we as a society were undergoing a time of shift and transition, thanks in part to the developing role of mobile technology.  “I think we’re in the middle of something changing so extraordinarily fast, [in] how we relate to the world, ” he said.  “There may be some basic, democratic need in people that you need to sit in a space with a bunch of people you’ve never ever met and experience something happening in front of you.  I think 20-year-olds want that as much as people who’ve doing it all their life.”

Yes, change is in the air. I’m both excited and apprehensive about what I have planned for the PAC in the coming years and it makes me feel so alive. Stay tuned and go vote!

Congratulations to Rebecca Uhey, Kendra Ward & Kathy Padgett winners of a $20 PAC Gift Certificate for completing their The Little Mermaid program survey from the second weekend of performances.


The PAC Kid Spotlight shines this month on Home School student Anna Ronkainen (pictured).  Anna will be sharing the role of Cinderella later this month when Allegro Dance Theatre returns to the PAC for their annual production of Cinderella, the Ballet November 20-22.
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