In a few short months, the PAC will be twenty years old, and although I definitely have an eye on the future and getting clear of the current pandemic, I can’t help but also have an eye on the past and how far we’ve come.

Marty Feldman “Igor” jokes aside; looking to the past and the future simultaneously is what gives me the resolve to get through the current difficulties.

I think of it as a mountain range I must cross.  When I look forward to the mountains I have left to climb, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Yet when I look back at the mountains already traversed, I gain confidence that I can tackle what lies ahead.

So, as we find ourselves looking ahead at future obstacles, I ask your help in looking back at past successes.  Coming this fall, we will begin a yearlong celebration of how the PAC has served our students and community over the past twenty years, and I need your help celebrating that milestone.

Think back and let me know what the best thing you ever saw at the PAC was?  What was your first experience on our stage or in our audience? How has the PAC made a difference in your life or your child’s?  Please send your memories to me at, and if you can, please include photos or videos.

John F. Kennedy said, “We celebrate the past to awaken the future.”  I look forward to a year of celebration with our patrons, partners, and participants as we forge a path together to the next mountain top.

Congratulations to Stephanie Polin and Denise Thomas – lucky winners of $20 PAC gift certificates for completing their Audience Surveys.

This month we celebrate the accomplishments of NHHS senior Katelyn Edwards, who returns to the PAC stage this month for the first time in over a year with their Chorus concert.
Learn more about Katelyn and all the other current and former students we’ve recognized over the years.

Watch the interview here: