It’s February. Share your love!

Having closed the door at 221b Baker Street for the time being, my attention is now drawn to the more mundane.  I know they aren’t due until April but with no PAC Season Events occurring this month, I’ve set aside February to get my taxes done.

Like many of you, I try to view tax time as an opportunity to re-evaluate how I spend money and what I have to show for it in return.  For example, I always spend too much on dining out and not enough on charities.  The idea of one big check to my favorite charity no matter how worthy is more than I can comprehend.  I have found it much more palatable to make small recurring monthly donations to the charities of my choice.  Many organizations, like us, even offer recurring monthly donations straight from their websites (just click our Donate button on the home page for easy instructions).

So, while you attack your taxes this year, consider setting up a recurring monthly donation to the charitable organization of your choice (maybe even to the PAC).  Just think, for the same cost as a monthly (or in my case weekly) visit to Taco Bell you could help out a worthy cause in Hardin County.

This month the PAC Kid Spotlight shines on NHHS student Marliese “Lisa” Muchmore.  Lisa will be setting up a cot at the PAC where she can be seen performing in her school’s drama club program, choral concert AND production of The Lion King, Jr. all this same month! Learn more about Lisa and our other PAC Kids.

Congratulations to Vickie Baker, Lisa Caffee, Nancy Collett, Colleen Durall, Julie Grochala, Patty Higdon, Bonnie Linscott, Nicole Ozment & Lisa Simes — lucky winners each of a $20 PAC gift certificate for completing their A Study in Scarlet program surveys.