John Hurt 1940-2017

Timing or coincidence? Timing we are told in theatre – and in life for that matter – is everything. So too is coincidence.

Last spring I directed George Orwell’s 1984 at the PAC because I wanted to do something relevant during an election year. Timing? The most recent film adaptation of Orwell’s novel starred John Hurt who also starred in the film The Elephant Man based in part on the play by the same name that I am currently directing. Sir John was an inspiring actor who passed away this last week. Coincidence?

Life is full of many such puzzles and riddles. Some solvable others not. The arts at their core reflect both the light and the dark of our day to day existence; but the arts at their best serve as both historians and prognosticators: shining light on both the accursed and the cursed and reminding us of what has come before and what is lurking in the dark ready to return should we walk through life unaware.

Next up at the PAC? We’ll be hosting the Hardin County Diversity Fair and presenting Kentucky Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Please join us and decide for yourself. Timing or coincidence?

Congratulations to Deborah McFalls and Kristin Dominguez who each won a $20 PAC Gift Certificate for completing their Peter & Wendy program survey! Thanks for your interest and useful comments.

Ashley Correll, February’s PAC Kid Spotlight

This Month the PAC Kid Spotlight shines on Ashley Correll (the third in her family to receive this recognition). Ashley is preparing for Youth Theatre’s summer production of Thoroughly Modern Millie by attending their Winter Workshops. The next workshop is Saturday, February 11th at The PAC. If this sounds like something you or your student may be interested in you can learn more at their website: