Kicking The Can Down The Road

When is the PAC going to announce their next season?  We ask ourselves that very question daily, and because every day brings about a different answer, we’ve erred on the side of caution and not shared our plans publicly.  That might sound like we’re just kicking the can down the road, but that’s far from the case.

I can’t  tell you everything we’ve got planned just yet, but I can share some insights with you:

  • The ProAm Musical is on Hiatus: With the virus still prevalent and pandemic recommendations firmly ensconced, for the safety of our performers and our patrons, the annual September musical will not happen this season.
  • Auditions Are Postponed: With no musical on the horizon, there was no need to rush into auditions this summer.  Instead, auditions for this year’s Sherlock play will take place later this fall.
  • No Brochure: Everyone on our mailing list will be receiving an individual flyer about each planned season event.  Doing so will help us reduce marketing expenses and give us more flexibility to roll with any pandemic punches.
  • Staggered Ticket Sales: Speaking of flexibility, to serve you better during these unpredictable times, tickets for each season event will go on sale one month before each performance instead of all at once in August.
  • Experience The PAC In Our Theatre, Your Household And Your School: Since we can currently only serve an audience of 175 safely in our theatre, we are excited to launch our PAC To Go! Streaming Service this fall so that our audiences can enjoy PAC season events from the comfort of their couches and their classrooms.
  • In November we’ll present It’s A Wonderful Life. This live radio show will be performed on our stage as a fundraiser before an intimate audience and then shared with the entire community through various media outlets.
  • Plans are still firmly in place for The Nutcracker to grace our stage as we have each December. But should we be unable to do so due to social distancing, we have an “understudy event” waiting in the wings.
  • With any luck this spring, Sherlock will return in 2021 with The Hound Of The Baskervilles, followed by Kentucky Shakespeare and Missoula Children’s Theatre.

As you can tell, we’re not really kicking the can down the road so much as we’re kicking everything up a notch!

This month, I reconnected with former Youth Theatre performer and John Hardin graduate, who still uses her gifts in celebration of her religious beliefs, Alisha West Campbell, in a PAC Kid FlashbackLearn more about Alisha and all the students we’ve recognized over the years.