On December 1, 178 members of West Hardin Middle School Bands under the direction of Laura Floyd presented a concert before an audience of 585.

On December 3, 40 members of the Heart of KY Men’s Chorus and some invited guests presented a Christmas concert before an audience of more than 250.

On December 4, Glen Rice Family and Friends Musical Concert Series presented their Christmas concert before an audience of 350.

On December 5, 150 members of Central Hardin High School Bands under the direction of David Centers presented a holiday concert before an audience of more than 400.

On December 8, 69 members of West Hardin Middle School Choirs under the direction of Anna Benningfield presented a holiday concert before an audience of 250.

On December 11, 150 dancers with Center Stage Dance Studio presented their Christmas Gala before an audience of nearly 600.

On December 16, 17, 18 the PAC presented The Nutcracker.  This was the 39th annual presentation of the Dance Center’s Nutcracker. Cast and crew consisted of over 200 participants; 103 adults, 98 students, 17 professionals and 184 amateurs who performed in one school day performance before an audience of nearly 600 and four public performances before audiences totaling more than 2,050.

The Nutcracker was presented in partnership with Dance Center of Elizabethtown, The Cecilian Bank, WQXE 98.3 & Jimmie Dee Kelley and brought to you through the efforts of Sonora Florists, Back Home Catering, Rachel’s Face Painting, Heartland Fillies, Heartland Dulcimer Club, Heartland Winds, The Sweet ShoppeSugar Fashion Cakes and joining us for the first time, Family Fun Ice Cream Parlor.

On December 17, Clara’s Tea Party was presented with a new format and at a new time between the two Saturday performances of The Nutcracker. It was a festival of sweets, treats and musical suites with live music, food, photo ops and activities for the whole family.