All April events at the PAC were cancelled due to COVID 19. 
Estimate of loss for those events affected by COVID19 School/PAC closure in April: 1,493 Students, 70 Adults and 2,525 Audience members.

Sadly, the highly anticipated Missoula Children’s Theatre’s (MCT) annual residency had to be cancelled. We look forward to MCT’s return next April.  Until then, be sure to take advantage of MCT ‘s “Playdate.”

In an effort to provide live performing arts experiences to PAC audiences during this time of mass gathering restrictions due to COVID 19, on April 7th  and 9th,  the PAC hosted a FACEBOOK PREMIERE of their productions The Novel Stage Adventures of  Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four. These productions were adapted for the stage by PAC Director, Bart Lovins and appeared on the PAC stage January of 2019 and 2020 respectively. Members of the cast, crew and new viewers from around the globe joined in interactive viewings complete with trivia games and prizes.

A Study in Scarlet Viewing on FACEBOOK was Tuesday April 7
Reach:  Over 1,100
Minutes viewed:  3,100
Locations:  Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, California, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina
Top audience:  Men

The Sign of Four Viewing on FACEBOOK was April 9
Reach:  Over 80
Minutes viewed: 1,732
Locations:  Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Brazil, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Wales
Top audience:  Women

In honor of the cancelled Volunteer Appreciation Banquet usually held in April, the PAC’ers shared the video below.  We are so proud of our PAC Volunteers. 44 faithful folks worked 1,496 hours ushering, set building, brochure mailing and any other “ing” we asked of them ensuring that PAC events go off with out a hitch.


Why were the seats covered?  Well, there is a bit of refurbishing happening on stage!  All PAC seats were covered just before sanding began on the stage floor.  The floor will be sealed and repainted and look just like new!  It’s been twenty years since this happened and we believe the floor is quite happy.

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