I read Dracula back in elementary school when I first became enthralled with black & white monster movies. But, I didn’t recall this quote until this morning when I was searching for a “jumping off point” for this month’s blog.

Dracula is full of sweeping passions and epic failures concluding with a solitary but resounding success.  It reminds me of nearly every artistic pursuit I’ve ever taken on.  In some way has this simple sentence seeped into my subconscious and held sway over me all these years?

For over a decade now I’ve passionately selected season after season of events and God knows I have had more than my fair share of epic failures but there have also been those few fleeting successes.  But it is the lessons I have learned from my failures that have made me a better director and hopefully a better person.

As you come and experience PUSH Physical Theatre’s interpretation of Dracula this month at the PAC, consider not just the story being told but also the way in which this adaptation unfolds.

PUSH Physical Theatre’s Dracula will be performed at the PAC on Friday the 13th of this month.  Come and see…. If you dare!! Click for Tix

Elizabeth as an ugly stepsister seen in Allegro Dance Theatre’s Cinderella, the Ballet

This month the PAC Kid Spotlight shines on Elizabeth Croghan from North Hardin.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of her at the PAC this season. Having just finished “Hunchback”, Elizabeth is already busy preparing for the next edition of Allegro’s Cinderella, the Ballet as well as her high school’s production of The Little Mermaid.  And all that’s before Christmas!  ” Learn more about Elizabeth and our other PAC Kids.

Congratulations to our “Hunchback” backstage tour winners: Lori Lotter, Carl Ruemler and Mindy Burden and their families!