My brother and me in our new pajamas emptying stockings

How do you begin a tradition?

Cookies for Santa?  Elf on the Shelf?  The Christmas Pickle?

As a child, my parents always allowed my brother and me to each open only one present every Christmas Eve of THEIR choosing. Although these presents were disappointing to the two of us, my mother no doubt slept easier that night knowing the photos our dad would take the next morning of Bret and me tearing through packages would not be in the ratty pajamas we had out worn and out grown over the year.

As a young adult, I often found myself touring the country in a van with a half dozen other performers.  Looking back, I’m amazed at how sticking decals in the windows and a week of Secret Santa managed to soothe the sadness of being away from our families during the holidays.

On tour in the 90’s. I have no idea what’s up with the paper glasses.

Even today, though my touring days are far behind me, my holiday plans are still largely dictated by my career. I’ve always accepted this as an occupational hazard since the performing arts are almost always involved in holiday celebrations.  Every November and December the PAC’s calendar is filled with holiday themed events culminating in The Nutcracker!

Throughout the years, this annual production has touched the lives of not only countless participants but also thousands of audience members many of whom are unrelated to anyone onstage yet they come back year after year.  Children grow up attending it every year and then bring their children in turn.

Rehearsing as Scrooge for this month’s production of Dickens Christmas Carol.

This month, we will present Dickens’ Christmas Carol as a radio drama performed live onstage before an audience and then broadcast over the holidays on WQXE and HCECTV.  I’d love nothing more than for audiences to embrace this experiment and to be playing “Scrooge” for many years to come but creating a holiday tradition nowadays is tricky and audiences can be as fickle as… well, the history of the Christmas Pickle.

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Congratulations to Christina Collett lucky winner of a $20 PAC gift certificate for completing her Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea program survey.