Aaron Taylor sitting back to get the big picture.
Aaron Taylor directing YTHC students

Hello friends! Aaron Taylor here, Guest Blogger, Technical Director and toy collector of The PAC. When I started as Technical Director of The PAC, the first ProAm production I got to work on was Thoroughly Modern Millie in the fall of 2006.  Prior to that, I really had no knowledge of the show, but through the process, it became one of my favorites.  When Youth Theatre of Hardin County asked me to direct their production of the same show for the summer of 2017, I was very excited and eager to get started.

The tale of Millie Dillmount coming to New York in 1922 is filled with so much optimism and enthusiasm that you can’t help but fall in love with her and smile throughout the show.  There’s some classic big show-stopping dance and tap numbers, and enough comedy and characters in disguise to keep you laughing and guessing until the end.  This is a comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously and brings you along for the ride.

The icing on the cake of directing the show is having access to many backdrops, set pieces and costumes used during the original Broadway production.  They’re some amazing pieces that help accent and elevate the remarkable performance of the kids in the show.  This show is a sprint, not a marathon.  These kids are going to be worn out, giving you the best of themselves every performance, and you will be entertained…THOROUGHLY.

A great time was had by all on Saturday, June 24 as PAC volunteers attended a celebration in honor of the many hours they contribute to the PAC.  It began with a visit from RSVP director Cathy Williamson, a recognition ceremony, a new season highlight video and a tour of the PAC. Then the gang moved on to a picnic sharing food, fun and fellowship. Being recognized were the 2016 and 2017 Adult and Student Volunteers of the Year. Adult volunteers contributing the most hours were Cindy Vann Ausdall (206 hours for 2016) and Charles Holloway (223.5 hours for 2017). Student volunteers Kelsie Austin and Stacie McCormick, who served as PAC aides during the school year working in the office, back stage and in the shop during open blocks in their schedules, were the student award winners for 2016 and 2017 respectively. Congratulations to our award winners and thanks to all the PAC volunteers who help make the magic of live performing arts happen at the PAC.