Back in my days as a singing waiter at “The Oaks” on the lower east side of Manhattan.

How I Came To Know The Elephant Man

By the time I had moved to Manhattan in the 90s, I was having difficulty getting work as an actor.  I was stuck in an actor’s purgatory between looking too old to play children and too young to be considered for most character roles.  So I found myself squeaking by as a singing waiter, doing office temp work, and with thankfully increasing consistency directing Off-Broadway productions.  I found some limited success and even more important found some wonderful people to work with.

Photo from the 20th Anniversary production of “The Elephant Man” I directed Off-Broadway in 1999.

Kevin Roberge was one of them.  Kev was a young self-made man of inexhaustible energy and faith who had begun producing shows in the city.  One evening he and I were talking about The Elephant Man and before I knew it we had a space and a cast and we were in charge of the 20th Anniversary production of The Elephant Man.

This season, I will be remounting that production using the musical score, several of the same drops, much of the same staging and a set design based on that same production back in 1999.

So, if you want a good idea of what you’ll see at the PAC in April, check out this review of that Off-Broadway production that I had the great pleasure to direct back before the PAC was ever a glimmer in my mind.

The PAC Kid Spotlight shines on Sierra Coachman

This month the PAC Kid Spotlight shines on Sierra Coachman. Sierra has been a PAC Aide all year and has gotten to experience life on stage and behind the scenes in several productions.  Learn more about Sierra and our other PAC Kids.

And finally, the winner of a $20 gift certificate for filling out the Julius Caesar program survey is Stephanie Brothers from Cecilia, KY. Congratulations, Stephanie!