Pro-Am Productions

Old and young alike are encouraged to try-out for PAC ProAm Productions!
  • PAC ProAm productions provide opportunities for professionals to build their resumes and local amateurs (adults and students) who regard performing as “more than a hobby” to work alongside each other in a semi-professional environment.
  • Auditions for the ProAm Musical and Classical will occur both Monday, 7/15/19 and Tuesday, 7/16/19. Auditionees should attend one night or the other but not both. If an Auditionee is unavailable to Audition those evenings, they may submit a Video Audition.
  • Review the Audition Selections provided online before arrival and perform them with clear, bold acting choices and powerful vocals. Audition Selections need not be memorized but it is best to be as familiar with them as possible.
  • Although used as a guide, the Director reserves the right to deviate from the Character Breakdown provided online when casting.
  • Choose no more than two roles per production for which to audition but know that you will be considered for all applicable roles and may be asked to audition for additional roles unless you have indicated on your form that you will only accept specific roles. No monologues required.
  • All Audition Forms, Information and Selections are available on at least one week prior to Auditions. In order to be considered for casting, Auditionees must complete the online Audition Form. Although computer kiosks will be available in the PAC lobby one hour prior to Auditions, we strongly encourage everyone to submit this online form PRIOR to arrival.
  • Regarding Video Submissions: If unable to attend Auditions in person, Auditionees may audition via Video Submission using your choice of the Audition Selections provided online. Post your Video Submission on and copy and paste the link in the provided space on your Audition Form. Your Audition Form (with link to your video) must be submitted no later than 7/10/19. Video Submissions will only be accepted via this method. If singing, we strongly encourage you to use musical accompaniment.
  • Any pre-cast roles will be announced prior to auditions. All other roles are open to both professionals and amateurs.
  • If audition turn out is high, the Director reserves the right to “type out” auditionees based upon height, weight, age, and/or ability.

Audition Forms & Info

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