Page to Stage Workshop Series

Page to Stage with Kentucky Shakespeare –
Writing/Producing Workshop Series
presented in partnership with the Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned playwright, embark on a transformative journey from the written word to the spotlight of the stage with The PAC’s “Page to Stage” workshops led by Kentucky Shakespeare.
From dialogue dynamics to scene-setting, understand how playwrights shape the live performance experience. Explore the unique challenges and joys of translating your words into a dynamic visual and auditory experience.

Playwriting – What’s in a Play?     Tuesday, January 23, 4pm-6pm          

  • Talk about several different styles of plays
  • Read and respond to scenes from established playwrights
  • Respond to prompts, write a short scene

Developing Characters and Monologues     Tuesday, February 13, 4pm-6pm

  • Share homework
  • Read monologues and talk about developing characters
  • Respond to prompts, write a monologue

Bringing Your Words to Life     Tuesday, March 5, 4pm-7pm

  • Share homework
  • In class, rewrite either scene or monologue
  • Halfway through the session, bring in actors to read the works out loud

Use the link below to register for this unique workshop series and join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the art of stage writing and producing and the boundless creativity that unfolds when words leap from the page to captivate the hearts and minds of theatergoers.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation is limited to high school and adult participants — a $ 30 workshop series participation fee is due at the first session, payable by cash or check.