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There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to blurt it out, “We bought our cat a harness and a leash.”  I know, I know….  Our cat, Oz, also thought the harness was a stupid idea.  But its really the only way not to accidentally choke the poor animal.  The instructions on the thing were rather vague:  Slip one end over the cat’s head and then pull the straps through the plastic X-shaped thingy and then under his front legs and click in place around his belly (Whew).

Several scratches and one bite later, Oz hunkered down, belly to the floor in near paralysis. “I can’t breathe in this thing,” his eyes seemed to say, “And it’s itchy!  Why have you done this to me?”  Cats, as you know, are robustly independent creatures unaccustomed to having restrictions placed upon them.  They roam as they please and generally do as they like with the expectation that everyone else in the world will kowtow and meet their every demand.

I quickly clipped the leash to the harness and opened the backdoor in anticipation of Oz’s mad dash outside.  Instead, there on the kitchen floor with the door standing wide open, lay our fierce jungle beast staring up at me and then out the door and then up at me again as if to say, “Are you kidding me? What’s the catch?”

His hesitancy got the better of me, and just as my dad threw me into the pool my first-time out swimming, I picked Oz up and plopped him down on the patio.  He immediately scurried back into the kitchen with the skittish grace of a beached otter.  With a sigh, I tied his leash to the doorknob and sat on the patio, playing on my phone.  Eventually, with equal parts exhilaration and terror, he stepped outside and began exploring this strange new world on his own terms.

It’s a strange new world for all of us right now as well.  As Americans, we treasure freedom above all else, but just like Oz, we sometimes confuse the protective efforts of those with our best interests at heart as a means of subjugation.  So, as we leave our homes and move forward, it’s essential for each of us to do so at our own pace as safely as possible and not allow others to push us out before we’re ready or without the precautions that make us feel safe to do so.

Sean in Rent at Warsaw-Federal Incline Theatre, Cincinnati

Due to the quarantine, I was once again unable to secure a student for this month’s PAC Kid Spotlight.  So I took this opportunity to reconnect with Sean Mize, our very first PAC Kid Spotlight student, in a PAC Kid FlashbackLearn more about Sean, and all the students we’ve recognized over the years.


We’re doing something a little different with our PAC Kid Spotlight.  Flashbacks!
Ever wondered where a previous PAC Kid is now?  How did theatre effect their lives?  Well, we were curious, too, so we’re asking them!
Keep an eye on our social media accounts for these interviews!Watch the interview!

Due to COVID 19, all events scheduled in JUNE at the PAC have been cancelled or postponed.


Our Technical Director, Aaron Taylor, would usually be knee deep in set building for Youth Theatre of Hardin County’s summer musical production in July.  This summer, he is channeling the building skills in a different way.  He’s building a set piece with his family and documenting the process to share with you.  Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!

Due to COVID 19, all events scheduled in JULY at the PAC have been cancelled or postponed.

There will be NO IN PERSON PAC Pro/Am Auditions held at the PAC on July 13,14. Announcement about video submissions will be forthcoming.

The July 24th Glen Rice Family & Friends Concert Series event has been postponed to a later date yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more information.


All May events at the PAC were cancelled due to COVID 19. 
Estimate of loss for those events affected by COVID19 School/PAC closure in May: 2,494 Students, 74 Adults and 5,963 Audience members.

We need you help.  Please take a moment to complete the PAC’s FOLLOWUP Digital Content Survey as we more closely assess  interest in digital content.

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While we aren’t able to meet in the office every day, we’ve been having Zoom calls, like many others.  This gives us opportunities to share various screenshots of our faces on these calls and we think you might enjoy.


Many of you have been asking when the PAC will open back up for public use.  As much as we would like that to be sooner rather than later, we face the unfortunate reality that it may be some time before we can return to business as usual.

What is the PAC currently doing?
While closed to the public, the PAC will continue:

  • Cleaning and repairing the facility and equipment with needed renovation plans underway.
  • Planning for next season including investigating the possibility of streaming live events
  • Helping schools and renters determine their best performance options.
  • Developing new PAC To Go offerings to connect virtually with our community.
  • Taking advantage of online box office and technical theatre training opportunities.

When will the PAC re-open?
To ensure the health of participants, audiences, volunteers, and staff, the PAC is implementing new Operating and Scheduling Procedures under national, state, and HCS recommendations:

Operating Procedures:

  • The PAC will limit the time schools and renters schedule in the space to facilitate the rescheduling of postponed events and thorough cleaning of the facility.
  • The PAC will close for public use for 12 hours between each day of public activity to thoroughly clean the facility.
  • The PAC will disinfect door handles and surfaces throughout each day of public activity.
  • The PAC staff and volunteers will wear protective masks and gloves when working with the public.
  • The PAC will work with schools and renters to live stream as many events as possible (copyright laws permitting) due to potential capacity restrictions.
  • Participant and Audience restrictions may include having temperatures checked before entering the facility (anyone with a temperature of 99.6 or higher would not be admitted).

Scheduling Procedures – 2 consecutive weeks of downward COVID-19 trends must proceed each phase:

  • Phase 1: We remain closed to the public.
  • Phase 2: We can serve up to 50 participants and 62 audience members per day.
  • Phase 3: We can serve up to 100 participants and 125 audience members per day.

A further 2-week downward trend will return us to normal services of serving up to 200 participants and 750 audience members per day.

So, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But there’s still a lot of road to travel before we get there.

Sorry, due to the quarantine, I was unable to secure a student for this month’s PAC Kid Spotlight.  I hope to have better luck doing so next month. Learn more about the PAC Kid Spotlight, and all the students we’ve recognized over the years.

Congratulations to our Facebook Premiere Viewing Party trivia winners Grace Peet, Kenzie Blair and Jared Eaton who won signed copies of my adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes novels A Study in Scarlet and the soon to be published The Sign of Four, 221B keychains and tickets to next season’s production of The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Following Governor Beshear’s suggestion, the PAC has gone green to honor those Kentuckians who have lost their lives due to COVID 19.

The backstage is starting to look like a REAL backstage area!  As the COVID 19 health crisis closed down schools and forced the PAC to go DARK, an opportunity to utilize the help of idled Hardin County School bus drivers materialized. Having this extra manpower enabled the PAC to get a fresh coat of paint on the backstage walls. This is something we have talked about doing for many years and only with this unexpected “down time” and the help of our fellow HCS employees were we able to complete the task!


All events scheduled in MAY at the PAC have been cancelled or postponed. 

May 21, Hardin County Schools Board of Education Meeting ***Please note: If social distancing rules for the COVID-19 Pandemic are still in place, the meeting will be held virtually rather than at the PAC.

The three area dance studios, Dance Centre of Elizabethtown, Allegro Dance Theatre and Centre Stage Dance Studio, who hold recitals at the PAC in May have cancelled their events with the hope of rescheduling if possible as soon as gathering restrictions due COVID 19 are lifted.



June at the PAC usually means Youth Theatre of Hardin County (YTHC) rehearsals each weekday afternoon in preparation for their annual summer musical. Sadly,  June 2020 means COVID 19 restrictions and the cancellation of YTHC’s production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. It has been postponed until summer 2021.

With this unexpected down time or what we in the theatre world call going “dark,” the PAC staff will be redirecting our efforts:

Bart plans on curating online resources for families and teachers, researching and enlisting preparedness measures to ensure a smooth transition for reopening, pursuing funding options, donors and grants and unearthing PAC history.
Aaron is busy participating in webinars on mic sanitizing and cleaning, learning new shortcuts on the light board and deep cleaning lighting instruments and equipment from the catwalks to the pit.
Diane will be working from home connecting with user groups and renters pursuing options to postpone or reschedule events, attending webinars and cleaning out old files.
Justin will be continuing to research and work with beta Virtual Events for possible use in the coming PAC 2020-2021 Season.
Ron will be busy waxing floors and keeping up with sanitizing mandates necessary for a PAC reopening.



All April events at the PAC were cancelled due to COVID 19. 
Estimate of loss for those events affected by COVID19 School/PAC closure in April: 1,493 Students, 70 Adults and 2,525 Audience members.

Sadly, the highly anticipated Missoula Children’s Theatre’s (MCT) annual residency had to be cancelled. We look forward to MCT’s return next April.  Until then, be sure to take advantage of MCT ‘s “Playdate.”

In an effort to provide live performing arts experiences to PAC audiences during this time of mass gathering restrictions due to COVID 19, on April 7th  and 9th,  the PAC hosted a FACEBOOK PREMIERE of their productions The Novel Stage Adventures of  Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four. These productions were adapted for the stage by PAC Director, Bart Lovins and appeared on the PAC stage January of 2019 and 2020 respectively. Members of the cast, crew and new viewers from around the globe joined in interactive viewings complete with trivia games and prizes.

A Study in Scarlet Viewing on FACEBOOK was Tuesday April 7
Reach:  Over 1,100
Minutes viewed:  3,100
Locations:  Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, California, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina
Top audience:  Men

The Sign of Four Viewing on FACEBOOK was April 9
Reach:  Over 80
Minutes viewed: 1,732
Locations:  Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Brazil, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Wales
Top audience:  Women

In honor of the cancelled Volunteer Appreciation Banquet usually held in April, the PAC’ers shared the video below.  We are so proud of our PAC Volunteers. 44 faithful folks worked 1,496 hours ushering, set building, brochure mailing and any other “ing” we asked of them ensuring that PAC events go off with out a hitch.


Why were the seats covered?  Well, there is a bit of refurbishing happening on stage!  All PAC seats were covered just before sanding began on the stage floor.  The floor will be sealed and repainted and look just like new!  It’s been twenty years since this happened and we believe the floor is quite happy.

Image may contain: indoor


These Are Dark Days

A day off in theatre jargon is called a “dark day” for the simple fact that theatres turn the lights off when there isn’t a performance scheduled.  The PAC may be “dark” due to the COVID-19 quarantine but we seem to be as busy as ever:

  • The PAC is supporting Hardin County Schools’ efforts to provide meals for the elderly, disabled and those with compromised immune systems.  CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • We have been processing refunds for Hamlet and Sleeping Beauty and working with schools and rental groups to come up with alternative performance options.
  • Spring-cleaning is in full swing with the de-cluttering of our office filing system, a massive painting project inside the theatre (I hope nobody needs black paint), and some overdue repair work like replacing our doorbell.
  • Pre-production is well underway for next season’s PAC events: the next Sherlock script is written and a “virtual” table read is in the works, the set design for the ProAm musical is well underway, and I just used Google Hangouts for the first time in order to meet with two of the directing team for an upcoming collaboration with the Heart of Kentucky Men’s Chorus.
  • We’ve also reconceived PAC To Go as a way to bring the performing arts into the homes of those who can’t come to the PAC.  CLICK HERE to learn about free airings of Kentucky Shakespeare productions, MCT Playdates and Sherlock Holmes viewing parties or to browse the PAC’s YouTube channel.
  • On a more personal level, we are reaching out to our at-risk volunteers, patrons, and participants just to let them know that we are thinking of them and wish them well.

Yes, the PAC may be “dark” but behind the scenes, we are still at work – just mostly from home.

Elizabethtown High School's Andrew WyattThis month the PAC Kid Spotlight recognizes Elizabethtown High School’s Andrew Wyatt, who has been cast as Winston in their production of George Orwell’s 1984 at the PAC this month. Learn more about Andrew and our other PAC Kids.


April events at the PAC are scheduled as listed below unless otherwise indicated. New cancellations and postponements will be updated as soon as they are received.

April 6 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19:  THE PAC PRESENTS: AUDITIONS for Missoula Children’s Theatre’s SLEEPING BEAUTY (2 hours) Mon, April 8, 2018 


April 10, 11 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: THE PAC PRESENTS: PERFORMANCES of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s SLEEPING BEAUTY (60 min). A Rock ‘n Roll Fable for the ages. This story is no sleeper! Thanks to one misplaced invitation, Sleeping Beauty is cursed to sleep forever but awakens after a 500 year nap to find herself in a Rock ‘n Roll dream in this fable brought to life by a cast of local students and Missoula Children’s Theatre. Fri, April 10, Noon & 7 PM. Sat, April 11, 2 PM. Know Before You Go: Music and fun for everyone. Tickets: $12- $20. POC 270-769-8837. Presented in Partnership with Swope Family of Dealerships, Edward Jones,, Elizabethtown Tourism, & Jimmie Dee Kelley in Tribute to Nelson Kelley.


April 10 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: THE PAC PRESENTS: Missoula Children’s Theatre’s SLEEPING BEAUTY (60 min). School Day Performance for classes/teachers, Friday April, 10, NOON. Online reservation required


April 14 CANCELLED PRIOR TO COVID 19 CLOSURE: Central Hardin High School Dance Team Annual Performance. 7 PM. POC Angela Galm. 


April 17 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 WITH HOPE OF RESCHEDULING: Glen Rice/Buffalo Productions presents Glen Rice, Family & Friends. Curtain, 7 PM. Tickets $20 & $25. POC Glen Rice 270-325-3256. Tickets can also be reserved at the PAC, 270-769-8837.


April 18, 19 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 WITH HOPE OF RESCHEDULING: Dance Center of Elizabethtown Musical Theatre Performance, WIZARD OF OZ. Saturday 7 PM, Sunday 3 PM.


April 20 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 WITH THE HOPE OF RESCHEDULING: TED ED Student Talks Showcase. 6 PM. POC Holly Tabor 270-369-7370.


April 21 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: Hardin County Schools Volunteer Appreciation Celebration/Dinner.  6 PM  POC John Wright 270-769-8800.


April 23 “Thirdsday” at Mark’s Feed StoreDuring the COVID 19 pandemic, please order takeout from Mark’s in a show of support for local businesses.

April 23
CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: West Hardin Middle School Spring Choir Concert. 7 PM  POC Anna Benningfield.  270-862-3924.


April 24, 25 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 WITH HOPE OF RESCHEDULING : Youth Theatre of Hardin County Auditions for their summer production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.  Friday at 5 PM. and Saturday at 11AM. POC Betty  Marsee 270-765-5421.


April 27  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: North Middle School Spring Band Concert.  6:30 PM  POC Brittany Ford.


April 28 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: Central Hardin High School PRISM Concert. 7 PM. POC Trevor Ervin 270-737-6800.


April 30 CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19: St James School presents 1st & 2nd Grade Spring Musical. 6:30 PM. POC Jordan Smith 270-765-7011.